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GRANITO FORTE Spa was born in 1991 like a company producing gres fine porcelain and it has developed, since the beginning, a plan of remarkable investments which increased the initial production from 2 millions sqm. To the present 10 millions sqm. and more. A further increase is in progress and, starting from the spring of 2007, it will bring the production to more than 13 millions sqm. per year.

GRANITO FORTE can offer in this way a complete range of fine porcelain divided in the following categories:

  • TECHNIC FINE PORCELAIN sized 30,7x30,7 and 20x20 equipped with the related special pieces: skirting, support pieces, steps.
    This products, obtained using the best existing clays on the market, can be used in particular projects with high technical performances.

    The offer of this line is wide and wired both for the different chromatic nuances and for the range of the sized:

    15x15 and 15x30 particularly indicated to floor balconies, terraces and pavements
    30x30 and 43x43 particularly indicated to floor any surface, both resident and public. 30x60 the new format produced with our new kiln, the last of five.

All the products, in all the sized, can be used in outer flooring due to their particular characteristic of frost resistance.

GRANITO FORTE is a company that places itself like one of the market leader productors of fine porcelain and deals with more than 80 countries in the world with an export quota of about the 75% of the sales.

GRANITOFORTE - Viazza 1 ° Tronco, 41 - 41042 UBERSETTO DI FIORANO (MO) - ITALY
Tel +39 (0)536 920288 - Fax +39 (0) 843436 - E-mail:posta@granitoforte.it